Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ride With Me In Death Valley

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Friends and Family:

Back in July, I sent out my 2010 Ride to Cure Diabetes appeal for support of The Shafer Ten Year Team once again this year. Many of you have responded and I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for your generosity to date. As of the writing of this note, you have helped me raise $1,340! Every dollar of that total will be going to research as Jessica and I personally cover all expenses related to this event. Not one penny of the dollars raised support anything but science behind what will one day be a cure for the millions of people with diabetes worldwide. Hopefully lives will be saved and research and healtchare dollars can then be designated to cure yet another disease to save even more lives. It is estimated that the annual cost of diabetes in the US alone is $132 billion annually!


Now, last Wednesday, I posted a blog and in that entry I wrote about a challenge that would be realeased today. Well, here it is! My goal for the 2010 Ride is $3,000. The ride itself, all 105 miles, takes place exactly one month from today on October 16th. I would like to make a challenge to all of you to support me by the mile. Here is how this will work. For the low low price of $10, you can “ride a mile with me in Death Valley.” It has a great ring to it and I am going to carry a sheet with me during the ride to remind me of everyone who has made this event a success this year. To be fair, the first 15 miles are already taken and the last mile is already taken as well. The first 15 miles go to the 15 individuals or families who have already donated to the cause and you will be given a number based on chronological order of your gift to date. The last mile of the ride goes to Jessica because I know at that point I will be needing the ice cold towel and cold water that she will be holding at the finish line!

So, “Ride a mile with me in Death Valley!” 89 miles of the 105 mile route are up for grabs and when you make your gift, please indicate which mile you want to sponsor. For example, if you give $50 tomorrow, you get 5 miles and you can choose the mile numbers to sponsor (i.e. - miles 50-54). My goal is to get all 89 remaining miles sponsored and in turn raise $890 more dollars towards my goal by next Thursday, September 23rd.

Complete the challenge by GIVING HERE!

Thank you for participating and let’s get all 105 miles sponsored as we all Ride to Cure Diabetes!


...if you wanna go and take a ride with me

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