Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Weeks From Today

Two weeks from today Jessica and I leave for Death Valley. Thanks to all of you, we are doing well in the fundraising but still hope to raise more as we work for a cure!

In case you were wondering, today's high in DV is 112. Fear not though, temps will get into the 60s at night and only rise into the 90s during the day starting next week. Let's hope winter hits the dessert in two weeks! Here is the ten day forecast as it stands right now.

The semi-truck that drives around the country picking up bikes for each JDRF Ride event will be coming through Knoxville on Sunday night or Monday morning. Paul, the truck driver, will be meeting me to pickup my bike and load it in with the hundreds of other rider's bikes who are making the trip to DV this year.

After my bike is picked up, I hope to ride Jessica's hybrid a few times next week and the following week before we leave. It will be a bit like training for a swim meet with a t-shirt on...helps to have a little "drag" attached to you so that the road bike feels like feathers on October 16th!

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