Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Thumbs Up

I had a great ride this morning through our neighborhood and downtown Knoxville. With my first ride "event" of the year coming up on June 5th at the ADA Tour de Cure, I knew that I needed to get a good long ride under my belt. My plan was to hit the 30 mile mark today and I successfully shattered that goal by reaching 30.2 miles in 2:02 hours. I was certainly pleased with this ride and felt good afterwards. By the end of the ride it was high noon and temperatures were approaching 90 degrees. Needless to say, it was hot, but not as hot as Death Valley, CA will be on October 16!

During my ride today, I headed towards the UT Campus and the banks of the Tennessee River. For those that know Knoxville, I was on Neyland Drive heading east towards downtown and Calhoun's. Minding my own business, in my oh-so-fashionable spandex bike shorts, a mid-90's Plymouth Grand Voyager started tailing me pretty close. This was THE van 10-15 years ago, as many of you know. The model that was tailing me today seemed to be in pretty good shape, had tented windows, and in need of a paint job for the superior silver finish. After a half a mile or so, I started wondering if this person was intentionally on my tail or not. She eventually pulled over into the left lane and passed me, throwing up a big "thumbs up" as she passed. I am still not sure if she was intrigued by my Ride to Cure Diabetes jersey or the spandex. Either way, hopefully she realized that I am just one person out there fighting for a cure and hopefully that was really a thumb and not a middle finger!

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